February 26, 2012

Coffee House Journeys...Inspirations from the Red Road

Acoustic guitarist Joseph Strider has covered a lot of musical ground in his career thus far. From boy soprano in school choirs, to playing with a cover band, Strider has spent the years developing his own unique style, a style that fits in no established genre and can best be described as modern Indigenous alternative

No matter how frenzied the pace becomes, it is the music that moves Joseph, the voice of Spirit that he has been blessed to hear and to pass on, that inspires him daily, that fuels the prolific flow of new guitar pieces.
Come join him as we sit and talk Hot topics and Musical Notes... bring a hot cup of Java a comfy chair...sit back and relax and enjoy the Mood...

Tuesday night Michael Joseph joins Joe! and accordingly, his Acoustic music, is a representation of one of
the cultural cross-sections of America. A mixed heritage ranging from Native American
(Blackfeet), to the farmers of Kentucky, to the Appalachian hills of West Virginia.
Michael never set out to define these roots in his music; however, as he has learned, our
roots are inevitable. “By embracing these roots, you help keep your ancestors alive.”

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