February 18, 2012

Highlights of this week on the Wolf and the bear Network

This past Friday afternoon, the Wolf and I had the pleasure and honor to sit with Robert and Dawn Mirabal, talking of family values, culture and life in general.  To listen to them speak, hearing the respect and love that they carry for each other and the way of life, was just a glimmer onto their lives that the outside world doesn’t always get to see.  They are modern day Warriors working to teach and continue a culture that is loosing momentum in the modern world that surrounds us all.
Aside from all the awards that Robert has won, and the impact that he had on the world with “Music From a Painted Cave”, Robert and Dawn continue to help create positive change within their own community, by keeping it simple.  From making moccasins in a traditional manner, to farming the very land they live on, the Mirabel’s live sharing life with their beautiful daughters, and keeping both their native culture and language alive.
Join us on “the Wolf and the bear…Fireside with Robert and Dawn Mirabal”
February 23, 2012 at 8:00p.m. eastern on the Wolf and the bear Network.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-wolf-and-the-bear/2012/02/24/fireside-with-robert-and-dawn-mirabal

    Tuesday night join Joseph Strider as he Welcomes Skylar Wolf to Coffee House Journeys...Inspirations from the Red Road

Tonight SKYLAR WOLF (DEVILS SON)stops in!
An accomplished artist, musician, guitarist and harmonica player. He is a singer songwriter of great talent.
WOLF grew up in the Four Cornner's area of New Mexico and ROLLS a WILD STYLE in L.A. but lives a life of tradition. He walks in TWO WORLDS and tells his stories from BOTH SIDES. Apart of Skylar's TEACHINGS came from the STREETS of Niagara Falls, New York. His music takes you back to 444 4th street, Willow Ave and the up stairs Hotel California Zodiac Bar rooms in Niagara Falls ! A hard way of life pushes SKYLAR WOLF to spread his music sharing it with the world, helping the less fortunate, the lost souls living out on the streets. Most importantly, MR. WOLF wishes to dedicate his lifes work for the children, teaching and guiding them towards a BETTER LIFE or a new beginning. 

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