March 25, 2012

Joseph Strider...the Journey Continues....

Joseph Strider is many things, he is a talented musician, singer - songwriter, radio host, chaplain, humanitarian, and a man I consider my Brother.  It has been a joy and a privilege to get to know him over the past few years, and I am honored that he has shared so much of his life with me, for that I am truly blessed.

As this amazing journey takes him to new places and causes imprints of his music on our hearts, I feel so many good things will be opening up for Joseph Strider.  His musical talents will reach more and more people.  His journey is continuing with his recently released CD "String Theory" and nomination this year to NAMA, Coffee House Journeys...Inspirations from the Red Road his radio show that continues to grow, and his upcoming live shows across the join me in taking notice of  My Brother, my Friend... Joseph Strider...


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