April 16, 2012


You are a spiritual being within the human body. Have you taken the time to listen to your inner voice, to your true self? Where does that inner voice come from? When you hear it, does it mean you’re losing your grip on reality? How do you know it’s not just your imagination? 

Well the answers are simple, it comes from your spirit and rather than losing your grip on reality you’re intensifying it through that connection. No matter where you live, who you are, what your spiritual foundations might be…or where they are lacking for that matter, your spirit is there to guide you along. It will begin a process that validates itself to you as it begins to fill in the gaps and show the way forward. In that process it proves to you that rather than being your imagination, instead it is the imaging taking place to show you how you are indeed a very spiritual being.
This is a look within yourself to discover the true you. It is your spirit that begins demonstrating that as a spirit you are so much more than the physical individual you’re accustomed to perceiving. Not only will it assist you in strengthening the internal connection and growing in personal terms but also in strengthening your connection within the spiritual Web of Live. We’re all given a strand to unravel and our spirits know just how to go about that. To work with your spirit allows you to move at your own pace as you learn to bring your spiritual nature to the forefront.
Spiritual development always begins with understanding yourself first. This allows you to see where you are aligned within the natural forces of life and the cycles within nature. Now of course we don’t all start out in perfect alignment and it is through the finer attunements that we achieve a deeper and more balanced state. The attunements will, then, be guided by your spirit, Spirit Helpers and various physical mentors that cross your path over time. Finding someone to coach you through foundations is going to expedite your initial progress and get you to a more fully independent state far more quickly than a trial and error approach. Either course will work, it’s just that one takes longer than the other. 

As you become more attuned to yourself and to nature you’ll begin to see where your presence and touch have an impact on the greater whole. In this you will come to see where you can at times lend healing energy and efforts to Mother Earth and all who inhabit her by walking consciously aware of all that is around you…seen or unseen. To get there from where you’re standing today it’s important to lay your foundations in place and the indigenous ways of nature based spirituality provide a means to those foundations. Shamanic spirituality is a way of living life that is in keeping with the spirit within you. It is your spirit that is part of the life force of all that exists and it is your link to everything else. It contains your empowerment's or Medicine gifts. In learning to lay your foundations the connection to your spirit and your Spirit Helpers who are there to accompany you grows strong and you learn to make that connection solid.

Once your foundations have been formulated you will find yourself moving into more advanced levels of learning to work with the forces or energies that serve to manifest things in our world of form. Part of the manifestation process is learning to manifest those things that are seeded in your heart…the dreams and visions you’ve held wondering how they could ever come into being. Well, you’re the one you’ve been waiting for, or rather your spirit is. It will show you how to employ your gifts and abilities…the birth dowry you brought with you. That too is something that develops, and as it becomes known to you the honing process will begin as you set those foundations in place. 

At what could be called the intermediary stage of development you’re able to learn what it is to move energy, to weave with it and in that to manifest those desires. It will also allow you to see the patterns that bring forth healing in all aspects of that process: mind, body, emotions, spirit. Learning to work with this personally allows you to see where your healing skills can be extended beyond the self to other life forms or individuals. Your healing abilities will be relative to the life experiences and gifts you possess. We’re all a little different and many individuals means there are lots of areas of specialty as well as layers of competency. It’s during this phase that you will learn where you stand and what you want to achieve as you pursue even more advanced teachings.

Regardless of where you might stand on the figurative scale of novice, intermediate or adept in your knowledge and skill, balance is important. You will find it is a constant thread as you evolve along your spiritual path. In that, you’ll see where the spiritual and physical are two sides of the same coin. In fact, you’re going to see where they actually formulate the whole of who you are and what your life consists of as a gradual unification process takes place. In this you’ll learn to bring them together in your daily life going beyond holding insight to employing knowledge and skills you’ve developed. 

Spiritual awareness becomes a way of being in the world, a way of living your life. It is something that lends a great deal of insight and support to your accomplishments when employed in a right manner. By right manner I mean in a way that serves not only yourself but others and therefore the greater whole. Right manner reflects your ethical approach and your integrity as a result. It reflects your intention through the way you conduct yourself and the actions that you bring forth…as well as ‘how’ you bring things forth. In doing the best you can your impeccability comes into play.
It’s when you combine these three issues: integrity, intent and impeccability that you are walking in a ‘right manner’…one only you can discern appropriately. When we understand this is all that is asked of us and honor these 3 aspects of ourselves then we honor all we come in contact with as we make our earth walk. We become authentic and we walk in our truths. Spirituality will bring this forward through layer after layer of enlightenment received as you grow.

We are all spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body but we’re also conditioned in life to see that backwards…we think of ourselves as physical beings who have a spirit within them…a foreign concept to so many who have never bothered to connect with their spirit and find out for themselves. It’s in that connection that we come to see the human side of us provides the vehicle through which the spirit within may accomplish its mission and enlighten us at the same time. We begin to discover what a powerful being we are not in the sense of having power over others but in the sense of internal power to be co-creators and contribute to the greater good in life. 

It is through our spirit that we come to understand the higher awareness present within our senses…senses we take for granted in our daily lives but which also have a spiritual side to them. In bringing unity to the sensory impressions we receive within the physical and spiritual context we elevate their capabilities creating what is often called a Sixth Sense…or extra sensory perception that exceeds the limits of the physical senses. That, too, is part of your self-empowerment…the empowerment of the heart that leads us in a right manner with the integrity of our thoughts and intent behind our actions all guided by the good spirit within us.

The Sixth Sense guides our spiritual development and shines a light into our daily lives so that we can avoid obstacles and setbacks while we expediently accomplish our goals. It keeps us connected through our inner spirit to Creator, our Guides and spiritual Helpers that are also assisting us in our purpose as well as our earth walk. In this connection we are also connected to our Earth Mother who sustains our lives assisting us to help them become more meaningful, better balanced and more secure. We do not need to resist our higher sources of wisdom, instead we’re able to embrace them, trust them and work with them to lead better and more meaningful lives. 

But it does take you making the choice to connect with your internal guidance or radar system as I call it. Without that so many are lost or disoriented as to why they are here and what they came to accomplish. They search in a blind manner for their purpose in life because they are searching externally when those answers are going to be found within themselves, within their spirit. Start seeing yourself through the eyes of your spirit and life takes on a whole new perspective I assure you.

It’s in attuning to your spirit and laying your spiritual foundations in place that the confusion is sorted and progress is made. Learning to see through your spirit’s eyes will also allow you to see the interconnectedness of all life forms within the Web of Life. Then, it’s in the teachings of the Medicine Wheel that we begin to learn to navigate that web on entirely new levels expanding outward from those foundations we’ve already laid. In this we become even more self-empowered and we see where we can use our abilities to improve life not only for ourselves but the greater whole of it. We become productive instead of destructive elements, we’ve learned to trust our spirit and the guidance we receive, to balance our nature bringing it in harmony with the natural forces at play in life. In that we find peace within and can bring that out to the world through the love in our hearts as we learn to let the light of our spirit shine brighter yet.

Awaken to your spirit…bring it forward!

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