April 25, 2012

Native Music with the European Flair

When we think of Native American Music here in the states, most relate it to the Pow Wow Drums of the local summer gatherings within our communities.  Seldom would our thoughts take us across the Atlantic to the European continent, yet there is where we are going to for a brief moment in time today.

Enter Bernhard Wolfsheart Wellguni from Vienna, Austria.  Growing up he embraced nature and the native culture, it became part of him and continues on to define his path.  The strong respect for Mother Earth and her gifts as well as for the dignity of every human being is the core of  what Wolfsheart believes in. 
"In order to better understand and grasp the world of the Native Americans and to be able to feel their music, I began to look at people’s life of those times. I tried to understand more about their faith and their legends, which they expressed not only in special ceremonies and rituals, but also in the harmony of their co-existence with Mother Nature and in the magic of their music. I do not want to pretend to be a Native American Indian, but I am truly an Indian at heart." ~ Bernhard Wolfsheart

(2010 Native American Music Awards  - Wolfsheart and His Lady Dagmar, bear Medicinewalker, Joseph Strider and Liz Mallin)
With his group Big City Indians they have been recording and touring since 1997.  Together they have created a sound that is a mix of contemporary rock, pop, and folk that is intertwined with sounds and feelings of the Native American culture.   In 2010 as well as in 2011 the Big City Indians won two Native American Music Awards. Wolfsheart Big City Indians Lead Musician and Vocalist, had the pleasure of receiving the Award in New York in 2010 for the Band’s album "Tribal Vision" and in 2011 for the solo release "The Call Of The Canyons". 

The Native American Music Awards are the Native American equivalent of the Grammy Awards. Four studio albums, several CD`Compilations, the DVD: "Live Rising Spirit" and many successful live shows in Europe and US give rise to the charismatic energy of  Wolfsheart and the Band as they make their way throughout the world.  


2010 & 2011 Native American Music Award Winner for "Best Native Heart" Recording
The Latest Single from Wolfsheart and the Big City Indians is sure to set the ground on fire again...
"Horses Thunder"  
So sit back and enjoy the sounds of Wolfsheart and the Big City Indians!

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