July 23, 2012

Get Your "Swagger" On with A Lil' Bit a Blues by Kellin Watson

I have been following this amazing young Woman's Musical talents for a few years now...and each time I hear her sing I am totally blown away by the set of pipes this little Gal sings with.  Kellin Watson could melt what is left of the polar icecaps with just a few notes of a song.

The smooth and saucy style she keeps serving up keeps you just wanting more!  She is a blend of old and new, sideways and back again...It simply makes a person smile from the inside out.  She is infectious and sweet, with songs that one can relate from the everyday walk of life.

Combine all that with one little dynamite package of a Gal and you have the magic of Ms. Kellin Watson! If you have never heard her sing a note before, you will be in for a wonderful surprise that will have you wanting to hear more.  You will ask yourself, "Where has she been hiding?" Well I for one will not let her hide any longer...Kellin Watson...Welcome to the Wolf and the bear family!

So folks get your "Swagger" on with one of her latest singles....

Kellin will be stopping in this Fall on the Wolf and the bear Network to chat with Christy and I and to get to know the family a little better!  So join us as we share the sounds of Ms. Kellin Watson.

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