August 21, 2012

Michael Jacobs visits Unplugged!

Join us as we sit and chat with Michael Jacobs and listen to his soulful and vibrational Tuneage!

Multi award-winning recording artist Michael Jacobs is a man who writes from his soul.  His music is a blending of pop, rock, Native heritage, with a little mountain root  to make it a unique vibration of its own.  One of the most amazing things however is more about the man himself and the old soul that shines through with every note played and heard by the audience. 

 He makes connections to the universe and connects us all.   Mitakuye O'yasin

Please help us make him feel at home on the Wolf and the bear Unplugged!
September 2, 2012  6:00 p.m. eastern

Click the link and join us!

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