August 9, 2012

Yolanda Martinez Amazing Grace Release

Now available!!! 
When one thinks of this version of Amazing Grace, you can't help but think of a whole lot of Healing Energy, Beauty, Earth Medicine, a Voice Blessed by the Creator...all packaged into one powerful mighty little Woman named Yolanda Martinez!
~ the Wolf and the bear

Yolanda's Martinez's rendition of the Classic Hymn, AMAZING GRACE is
in a league all its own. Not since Judy Collins' interpretation of the song
has anyone else come close to taking such a universally well known song
and making it their own in such an "AMAZING" way.
With Yolanda's rich, velvety and powerful voice and her masterful idea of
including the flute, which she is playing, the listener is in for a major
and rewarding experience.
So now is your chance to own a copy of this Powerful song
in a form of Prayer that only Yolanda can sing!

Available Now: CD & MP3
CD Baby
The songs are also available on iTunes & Amazon
Legends Alive Productions, LLC

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