January 26, 2013

the Mama and the Papa

Ken Quiet Hawk and Deb New Moon Rising are more than just the Storytellers over at the Wolf and the bear Network... They are the "Mama and the Papa"...

Elders that not only share their talents of Storytelling...and sharing the History of the People...but they share their own history, wisdom's, knowledge and most of all Love with all of us...Unconditionally.

Ken Quiet Hawk (the Papa) also shares his talents of the mixing board, and how things work on a technical side...producing  the Storytellers show, the Spiritwind Cafe on Friday nights, and various commercials and cuts, intros and voice for all the shows.

Deb New Moon Rising (the Mama) shares her voice to many of the intro's, stories and prayers that are heard on all our shows.  She is also counsel to a Wolf and a bear, as well as many who find her doorstep.

We are all blessed to have them in our lives and our hearts. I hope you take the time to allow them into yours!

bear Medicinewalker

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