June 28, 2013

Updates with Joseph Strider

Good morning my friends, i hope that all is well. I've got this crazy idea :)

This is the site where you can sign up and vote for me and a lot of other great musicians for the upcoming A.P.C.M.A. Me... Best instrumental album "String Theory".

I am sending this to ask you all to "SHARE" this link.
Voting ends on July 19th 2013.
One of you who share this, will receive from me an autographed copy of "String Theory" randomly chosen !
And if i win, you will also receive a copy
of my upcoming CD which is now in the works.
Finish date as of yet undetermined,
 but working diligently on this.
But these things take time ya know ? :)
So... Thanks so very much for sharing and i look forward to mailing out a copy of "String Theory to you. Don't forget... Ask your friends to share this as well as they too, if they share, will be eligible to receive a copy as well.
Don't forget or hesitate to vote. The time will be up very soon.
Have an awesome day :)

Joe Strider 


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