July 17, 2013

Jane Wilcox Stops in to Share on Visionary Times

Sit with us as we share knowledge, share insights...take you through meditations and teachings of old and new..

Join in with us today as Jane Wilcox stops in! 
It was a dark and stormy night, in the midst of a terrifying Midwestern thunderstorm. Jane, then 11 years old, was awakened from a deep sleep by a petrifying clap of thunder. In the same second, three divine figures descended from the ceiling of her bedroom. The one in the middle was huge, dressed in red, and holding a book. Two on either side were brilliant white light figures, holding candles. The visit was brief, the impression lasting a lifetime.

Since that time, Jane has held a natural propensity and empathy for others. People just naturally open up to her, and she listens.
Listen and share with us your stories of life and learning.  Call in and let us guide you through a Spiritual Reading with the help of the Ancients. 
 For we are entering Visionary Times...
a time to share and become who we are all meant to be.

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