May 23, 2012

Stan Hughes and the Music of Ryan Little Eagle

Join us Thursday Evening on the Wolf and the bear as author and Elder Stan Hughes joins us to talk about Animal Totems and take questions from our listening audience as well.  Stan Hughes is a celebrated author and artist who has been on a life long journey of discovery about his Native American Heritage. 

Having had the privilege and honor to be trained by traditional Shamans from northern California and participate in the Rite of Passage to warrior status during a seven day fast and vision quest in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming.  He know will once again share his insights and wisdom's with his Wolf and the bear family.

Also stopping in will be Young Warrior, Ryan Little Eagle.  Ready to share his latest musical accomplishments, Ryan will bring us all to new heights with his musical spirit journey.  So come and grab a spot, make yourself comfortable, grab a spot of tea and prepare for a delightful evening on the Wolf and the bear!

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