January 17, 2011

Blessings for the New Year!

With the entry into 2011 we feel a new sense of energy and purpose here at the Wolf and the bear!  Many new things happening, exciting things that we will be sharing with all out over the air waves and the great world wide web!.

Since beginning last year, the Wolf and the bear has grown into a family of listeners and friends that gather with us to share, learn, cry, pray, listen and support one another.  And we are continuing to grow.  With the beginning show on January 6th, 2011 with Michael Bucher, we are committing to working with the Suicide Awareness Program he and Stephen LaBoueff have begun, helping the Youth of the Native American Communities and beyond.  Make sure you keep tabs on the project as we progress...for we all need to step up to the plate to assist this great cause!

Jonny Lipford stopped in and we debuted some of his Brand New Music that will be released this spring!  And our Lil' Brother is just  a presenting to the world some soulful and special musical notes, definatley taken the prayers to flight! 

Also on the books is the launch of "The Storytellers" new radio show on Wednesdays nights!  The stories need to be told, shared and passed down.  Listen as  Ken Quiet Hawk and Debra New Moon Rising begin on this new part of the journey in getting their messages out to all of us!  We are happy and excited to have them join the Wolf and the bear Family. 

We have an exciting lineup of new guests and returning guests...so stay tuned!  If you have suggestions or would like to drop us a line feel free to email us all at wolfandthebear@aol.com

Thank you all for supporting and listening to the show.  We are all Related!

Mitakuye Oyasin
bear Medicinewalker, Raventalker, Cat (Christy) Sargent

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