January 20, 2011

message to all

One of the things we like to bring to the show is to not to bring to life old wrongs to breath new life into them. We may discuss them, but then we try to help find solutions to move forward.It is good to remember past mistakes on the paths we walk, but it is not a good thing to relive them by keeping the negative alive. Bringing the walls down. Reminding us all of One Race, One People, One Path, Come and join us and become part of the family.

To some I am known as Kim, to others I am bear Medicinewalker. I am many things to many people. There are many changes coming to the world, some that many don't understand...we all need to be a positive part of those changes and love unconditionally with no judgment. We all need to reconnect with what once was and is to be again. And my path is to be one that helps show how we can do that very thing. The walls need to be taken down so the healing can begin. To live in the past is not a good thing, to learn from the past another. We must all learn to walk in harmony with the Great Mother as was meant to be. I do not care of what color your skin is, for all our blood runs the same.I only care of what is placed within your hearts. And I ask that it be the seed of humanity that I will help to nurture and grow.

bear Medicinewalker

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