January 26, 2012


We often talk about finding a spiritual path that speaks to us and many wonder what that may mean. When a path speaks to you it speaks in a resonance, I like the flow of that word, it has a rhythm to it, the rhythm of life. The path that’s right for you will resonate in your heart, mind and within your spirit. In this way you can recognize it because you are already attuned to it. Your spirit will Dance…you’ll feel that too.

When I began walking a shamanic path one of the first encounters I had with that resonance was in learning about the Rainbow Tribe. There are many things written about it today but back then it was passed to me orally and I understood it meant many nations, many colors, all the different definitions of the human race or our planetary family. It was an expression that included all cultures and created life forms being facets of the greater whole. These aspects contribute to the beauty and essence of life. They’re to be honored and respected, loved and in loving we will bring an end to oppression, tyranny, greed, corruption opening a door to peace, tolerance and love.

As we end greed and corruption, we end the lustful power over others and in exchange we transmute the contrary bringing forth the true empowerment of loving spirits. This sustains the solidarity of the whole for the greater good of all. Rainbows one and all, the Rainbow Tribe is the reflection of the spiritual covenant each of us holds with Creator. It allows that essence to become vibrant within us and thus emanate out into the world. We can choose to walk in this awareness, to be a part of it and bring it more fully into being. We can nurture it, feed it with loving hearts, and thus live in a right manner. This is the code of conduct within the Rainbow Tribe and the Rainbow Warrior.

We are all children of the Great Ones: of Spirit and Mother Earth. We are all precious and loved. The time has come to honor each other as members of our planetary family. We are All Related. The atrocity of prejudice and hatred is in reality self-loathing projected onto others. Insecurity and low self-esteem feed it masked by a sense of arrogant superiority. This is not the loving being our spirits know we are meant to be. However, to correct that we must learn to love ourselves in order to know how to love others acting on that knowledge and understanding.

Spirituality and the foundations it provides teach us right manner in a very natural way. As we come to understand the nature of the spirit and the essences in life, we see that honor and respect create a harmonious state of balance with all the aspects of life…and all its inhabitants in whatever form they may take. With this in mind, know that you are a member, aware or not. The choice to become aware is up to you.

The Rainbow Tribe is about unity, an ethnic and cultural diversity that embraces all races. It is a way of being, a sacred point of view that comes from our spirits as we recognize we are All Related. It includes all ages, races, cultures, and traditions, as we journey together within the scope of the Web of Life. This is also comprised of all the creatures, plants, animals and living earth itself, for we are all a part of the greater whole as we make our earthwalks. It means having respect for that unity and tolerance for others who cannot see this yet.
The rainbow itself is a symbol of unity, a covenant that shows itself through the colors that comprise it…a promise that we can all live together if we choose to resonate with one and other rather than repel each other. The tolerance is that which allows us to be free to make our earthwalk even amid the diversity of systems, beliefs, and social structures that exist. The Rainbow Tribe is the whole of humanity.
As a member of the Rainbow Tribe one becomes a warrior of peace demonstrating these traits and leading by example. They do not force-feed their beliefs to others, they simply act based on those beliefs and make way for others to exercise their own free will to follow or not. This is a path of honor and respect for all…a path of assisting others in their earthwalk when asked.
Populated by those with spirits that have heard the Call to serve the Rainbow Path, members of the tribe consciously strive to bring beauty into the world through the balance and harmony that comes when diversity is embraced in unity. It is much like the variety species found blooming in a garden, as all the colors and formations they bring together create beauty in it. We can see this same diversity in the elements of life and their unity with Nature itself to sustain life in its variety of patterns, cycles and seasons.
The Rainbow tribe honors the children of the next seven generations and the wisdom of their Elders, it does not shun them to seek exclusivity, it embraces all of life honorably. Within the scope of the Tribe’s sacred point of view there is peace and love, a unity of awakened spirits that honor not only themselves in humble fashion, but All Our Relations in the same way. They consciously bridge the world of form with that of the spirit worlds walking their talk, making their earthwalk in a manner that is a contributing factor to the greater whole of Creation…whatever that may be.
The Earth is our Mother who holds and sustains us, the Sky our Father who protects us, the Rainbow our sister who loves us, the Wind our Brother who whispers and sings to us. The unity is there, we need only embrace it seeing the diversity for what it is…as the many attributes of a greater whole and then bring that perception into our sacred point of view. It’s a choice. There is no need for a tribal leader or one way of being, merely respect and resonant harmony with the whole. This leaves room for all ways of being to unite in a supportive manner, in a right manner without elitism. And, whether someone acknowledges the Rainbow Tribe, embraces being a member of it, or doesn’t see themselves to be a part of it does not matter. What matters is how you see yourself. If you honor, support or defending Mother Earth in any way, if you employ a force of peace, accept and tolerate those who are different than you, well then, you are a conscious member of this tribe…you are a warrior honoring your spirit’s intent. Aho!

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