January 26, 2012


Psychedelic Reggae Rock Stylin's ...grab a seat, a beer, a Java and sit back, relax and come  listen and get to know this amazing young group as I have.  A unique and strong group with family ties.  Role models for our young to aspire to.  Imagine in this day and age...a group of young people with family values that support each other!!!

Join me as they share their thoughts and music with each other and us All!!
Michael Lennon,  (Vocals/Guitar/Production), Michael Sorensen, (Vocals/Drums/Percussion),
Benny Pezzano, (Vocals/Bass), Kenny Lewis, (Vocals/Guitar), Sky Guasco, (Vocals/Percussion/Didgeridoo), Greame Pletscher, (Saxophone).  This is Sol Seed ~~~! Unplugged and Wired!!!

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  1. Wow! Thanks for saying the beautiful words about the Sol Seed boys. They truly are a special group. Not a time that I see them that I don't get a big hug and a I love you from each and everyone of them. They are performing their hearts right now, anywhere and everywhere. So funny when they play a bar they have to go outside in the parking lot in between sets because they are all not old enough to be inside. But they all go because they are not going to let their brothers stay outside alone.... LOL! I so love them


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