March 23, 2012

Jana Mashonee On the Wolf and the bear "Fireside" March 29, 2012

  Join the Wolf and the bear as they chat with the Multi-talented Ms. Jana Mashonee!

Among the many things I have learned about this young Woman, is that she is all that and a bag of chips as my Grandfather would say!  Loaded with Beauty, a set of Pipes that just don't quit, a Respect for the People and traditional ways, a love of the Children and a Spirit that if we could bottle and sell it, would fill the world with light, she will touch your heart and imprint your soul.

Her Voice pays tribute to the Ancestors and the musicians that have walked before her...and with great Awe...I am humbled to have her take time from her busy schedule to sit with the Wolf and the bear come and join with us as we welcome Jana to the fire Thursday Night March 29, 2012.


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