March 27, 2012

the Wolf and the bear share with you....

Welcome to the Wolf and the bear Network!

O'siyo my family! This is a Gathering for the Body, Mind & Spirit...sharing multi-Cultural arts, music, storytelling and friendship. Bringing the walls down... to find the common ground of the People! Come and sit with us and join in the discussions and fellowship as we explore new thoughts, music and teachings ...

Our family is continually expanding with new music,  artists, teachers, and thoughts from all walks of the Native American  Community.  We are an ever growing group of messengers and teachers that are all reaching out and sharing the knowledge and talents that they walk with.  Whether it is in word, deed or song...there are so many we are reaching.  Help us on that journey, join us on this path... as we share the culture and teachings meant to be handed down for generations to come.

Share in the Music, the Radio Shows and all the places we will visit...


~ bear Medicinewalker
the Wolf and the bear Network

This week on the Wolf and the bear Network
join us as
Jana Mashone  sits and chats with the Wolf and the bear
Listen to this amazing and beautiful Young Woman as she shares with us her insights on the
Music Industry and about the Children she is reaching through her Jana's Kids Program!
You will not be dissapointed as you listen to her voice that sings with a set of pipes
that brings me back to the days of Etta James or the deep gospel roots of Cee Cee Winans
Listen in
Thursday Evening at 8 p.m. eastern time


Help us as we welcome David Little Eagle to the Wolf and the bear Network!

With his music and words he will bring you to a place of the Grandfather's and Grandmother's of tradition.
We look forward to him sharing more and more as the days pass.

Just Released "String Theory" Joseph Strider

With Joseph's Third release comes a journey that will both inspire you and bring you peace.

His original stylings and unique process of putting music to a whole new reality.

Guarentee when you listen you will understand why I say

this CD is a must for any music library!

Join us all as our family Grows!!!!!!!

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