April 28, 2012

the Healing Sounds of Yolanda Martinez

Yolanda Martinez, even the name echoes energies of healing. Yolanda is of Apache/Comanche/Hispanic decent.  Born in South New Mexico, she is an Artist, Singer, Composer, and Master Drum Maker, but above all else Yolanda is a Healer.

When she sings her voice resonates with the power of her drums as a prayer offering to the Creator and the Great Mother...Earth.  Yolanda travels across the continent teaching the People about what is needed to heal the Great Mother  and Father Sky.  

You can join her in
learning about the healing energy of the Drum by inviting her to your Massage Schools, healing centers and medical practices so she can teach and work with the therapists in how this powerful instrument can be utilized in their own work.  Invite her to your Drumming Circles,  or to your schools to lecture on the Native American Ways.  Help her to get the ancient and simplistic healing arts that have been all but forgotten be remembered.

Listen to her Music, breathe in the Healing sounds and feel the Heartbeat of the Drum as Yolanda takes you on a journey that will link you to the old ways and surely heal your souls!

Contact Yolanda Martinez through her Website at http://yolandasdrums.com/
Legends Alive Productions, LLC
PO Box 81
Las Cruces, NM 88004
(575) 373-8642



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  1. Healing sounds are the most effective, affordable and easy alternative to release pain and perilous diseases. Sound therapy helps people to regain the peace of mind and relaxes the nerves. This is a natural process which has no side effects.


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