May 23, 2012

the LookingWolf Project

The Looking Wolf Project Jan Michael is back to give us more, raising the bar once again!  With the release of his new CD Wind Dreamer under his belt, Jan Michael is back in the studio recording with the LookingWolf Project and getting ready to serve us up another slice of his Rock Roots!  His hard hitting songs like The Way of the Gun are only a sample of what we are in for this time around, and if it is any indication, pardon the pun but it ROCKS!!!!!

Talking with Jan Michael I get a sense he has arrived at the next part of his journey, one that both shares with us his passion for the world that is around us as well as the music.  His voice resonates with the injustice that surrounds people from every walk of life and culture.  He is definitely a Warrior of the 21st Century, one that Honors his Native American Heritage and his family.

Join us on the Wolf and bear Network as Jan Michael stops in this Friday evening at 7:00 p.m. eastern time to  chat with Donald Blackfox at the SpiritWind Cafe about his life, his journey and his music. 

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