September 22, 2012

CoffeeHouse Journeys - Randall Eating Bear

Randall Eating Bear, founder of the Red All Over Project, was born in 1955 in the mountains of East Tennessee, very near the Cherokee reservation. Coming from a family of Cherokee and music, it was only natural he would follow a path which eventually led to the mixing of both.  Randall's mother owned a night club at the time which offered her son many opportunities to meet with a variety of these talents, who later went on to become some of country music's finest and most popular talent.
By the age of sixteen, Randall could no longer wait and he set out to make his career on the road as a rock musician. After several years as a solo artist, Randall, with the help of manager Bob Clark, (Houston, Texas), formed his first band, "JUST HERE", and toured extensively for over two years.  Later, after returning to Tennessee, Randall was introduced to the technical side of mixing and recording by long time friend, Earl Lewis. Both Randall and Earl went on to work with some of the music industry's top contenders. And to this day they both are still involved with recording, mixing live sound, and performing.
After much work with Earl Lewis and many others, Randall toured extensively once again as a "Live" sound engineer. Then later settled back in Tennessee as a local engineer both live and in the recording studio.
Randall can now be seen performing live whenever the opportunity comes. And since 2005, the Red All Over Project still continues to enlighten people everywhere about the original people of America, their struggles, their art, their history, their influence and their beauty.
Randall Eating Bear is,.......... THE RED ALL OVER PROJECT

 Coffee House Journeys ...Join Joe and his guest Randall Eating-Bear



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