October 4, 2012

Steven Rushingwind

Born in 1959 in the Los Angeles area, he now resides in Joshua Tree California. Steven is Native American Indian &  Mexican Decent from Southern California, Steven Ruiz has been interested in art as long as he can  remember. He was raised within a family of artists, including musicians and painters. As a child he spent time in his uncle’s studio, the Artist Alfred Flores 1913-1997, who was an oil painter for over 40 years.

As we fast-forward to his early thirties, the love of music and the outdoors became his passion, so it was only natural to step outside and paint what was in his heart. Many have acquired Steven Ruiz’s Landscapes, Music paintings and Wood sculptures, including corporate and private collections as well as having a Permanent display in a museum.

Along with many exhibitions under his belt, Steven has been busy with many commissions and running a new gallery in the Pomona Arts Colony. Steven has embarked on new journey’s as he has 2 albums published of his Native American Flute Music.

His talents transcend the confines of our human ears and reaches into our souls to rekindle a time long forgotten.   Bringing magic to both the airwaves and the canvas, you are in for some real magic when you take a moment to get connected with the Artisan Mr. Steven Rushingwind!  





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