February 27, 2013

The 13 Grandmothers ~ Or Moons....

Each of the Grandmother Moon's ....has wisdom to share. Their teachings are not only about the sacred feminine, for men too can learn from their light. Each Moon asks you to consider mentally reviewing the ‘then and now’ in your life as you assess things with each new Moon cycle. By seeing where you’ve been in the past and what’s changed as a result of walking consciously with the Grandmothers you’ll see the value in their lessons. The focus each Moon... should be on taking the negatives and transmuting things positively, getting a feel for the truths you’re recognizing and understanding how to apply them in your daily life.
*February ushers in "Wisdom Keeper" who is the Teacher that brings forth lessons about Honoring the Truth. She teaches us the Arts of Self-development and Expansion. Through her we learn how to access Mother Earth’s Memory, enhance our personal recall, tapping into ancient wisdom and knowledge. In this way we come to understand the wisdom that every life form holds as well as their missions. We learn how to be a friend and to restore friendship by honoring the viewpoints of all life forms through honoring the truth. Wisdom Keeper reminds us that all history is kept in the libraries of the Stone People and that to access that history, we must learn to hear their voices for they record the Remembering for the Earth Mother. 
She helps us see that to honor the truth of all that has been, we must tap more than human awareness, cultural traditions or stories. The history of all that has happened on our planet is forged in stone so it’s in the body of the Earth Mother we are presented with tangible records. She also shows us how to honor the truth as it is seen from each person's Sacred Point of View because all individuals experience life's events in a different manner. Here, by honoring our own truths we honor our own sense of self-development and learn to allow others to do the same. Every new understanding of the truths that others carry adds to our personal knowledge base, and our experiences bring us wisdom. This further creates the development of a right relationship to All Our Relations within ourselves.
Look for the book "The 13 Original Clan Mothers" by Jamie Sams... it is a very good read!!! Or... scroll though our "Two Moons Talking" show archives.

~ Luv, River*

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