February 26, 2013

Heaviness of Spirit

Heaviness of Spirit

My question was for AA Raphael – I sometimes feel like our spiritual journey leads us not to the light but into the darkness. I say this because even through what is meant to be helpful is perceived to be something totally different. Saying something that you feeling is right and true but not necessarily what needs to be said or heard. Which of course tends to overwhelm us, creating doubt about our integrity, exposing our shortcomings, making us second guess who and what we truly are and why or for whom are doing it for. WHY do I feel like the weight of the world is on my Shoulders?  Is it that I have placed her there?

The Answer my child is simple, the moment you stop causing suffering to yourself of others by things perceived or otherwise is the moment you release the need to walk a path of suffering, a path of pain and a path of fear.  You become lighter in spirit, in thought and in body. As for your spiritual journey it only goes where you tell it to for you are the creator of your experiences/life/lessons. Remember the darkest hour may be the most illuminating one of your life. For you see if you have never walked in the darkness you can never know the light!

Rev Anne Rose

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