February 16, 2013

Yolanda Martinez

Take time to listen to the messages that our dear Sister Yolanda Martinez shares with the world as she uses voice and drum to send healing out to the Great Mother and all the Universe.

This year she has been nominated and is up for her film and DVD Desert Woman.  Please take a moment to sign up for free and vote at the Native American Music Award site....

Share the sounds and information that Yolanda shares with us all, and help heal the Great mother Earth and the people that occupy her.

Yolanda is a Healer, Sacred Drum Maker and a Voice that is meant to be heard... Please check out her website and see when she will be visiting your area, or book a drum workshop with her and allow her to teach you how to create and birth the Drum!

Yolanda Martinez Drums, Music and Bookings


Vote Now at Native American Music Awards 

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