February 21, 2013

"Woulda, Coulda Shouldas’"... ~ Rev Anne Rose Illumination

It is time to step out of our comfort zones! For some of us this may bring opportunities to deal with fear, doubt and or insecurities that we have been harboring. We have all heard it before the woulda, coulda, shouldas’. 

This is about using this unique gift to bring about the much needed change that for reasons only you know you were unable to follow through on or make in the past. This is about A new year, A new you and A new consciousness. 

If and only if you decide the new you is for you then you WILL evolve, shift, grow, learn and teach others to do the same. For we all learn by example, (some better than others) such as visual, physical, emotional, mental, and or spiritual. Let it be known that there are no longer masters of the universe. For we are all servants, servicing the greater consciousness of all! 

 May you see the illumination of these words, hear the thunder when I speak, feel the passion in my heart, and know the truth will set you free. 
Blessings Peace and light,

 Rev Anne Rose/Illumination

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